Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 7 Small Robe to Perfect Dress :)

My cousin who is as thin as a poll passed some things onto me.. You know, just maybe I could squeeze into her old wardrobe. Well, that didn't happen.. So I donated most items to a few people that I knew could use them, but I did keep this fancy little piece because I saw some potential for making myself a new dress... At the very least I knew I could make a shirt from it. 
First I decided the length of the dress and began cutting and then I added a piece of white material that I had randomly lying around to create the closed top.( ignore the mess .. ) 
Next I hemmed the bottom to create a shirt and then went onto the skirt. I really liked having the option to wear the two pieces separate, but when put together it looked like a dress. 
After some touch ups and a little altering .. Here you have my finished look.. And please excuse the boring background... And freezing look on my face.. Mississippi decided to have a little bit of winter for a change!! 

I tried to get an indoor picture but my dad really isn't talented with the iPhone camera ...
Then he just messed up my hair here's a selfie :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week Six - Oversized Shirt Downsized

My sister gave me this shirt that fit her awkward and I instantly fell in love with the color. Of course I've made this into a summer shirt, because let's face it.. I am so over winter.. And I live in the south, so really it's not even a real winter. Okay, back on topic. This shirt was just a tad bit big on me.. But I knew I had to save it!  
First I snipped those sleeves.. Because heyyyyyy, another tank top! 
And then I turned it inside out to pin down the sides and cut off the extra fabric.
Next I sewed the sides and the edges of the arm holes. I also took the shoulders up just a bit.( not sure why I didn't snap a picture of that step) .. And here you have it.. My Spring / Summer shirt & I'm wearing it tonight under a cute jacket of course! It's a little snug, but I've been trying to lose a few pounds by actually working out.. So here's hoping it is a little less tight in a couple of months! 
Whoaaaa. Where's my foot!?!? It's there.. Just hiding!