Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week Five - Man's Shirt to Women's Top

I wasn't sure when I first saw this if I wanted to make it a shirt or skirt.. But since I have so many skirt refashions planned I decided a top would be my best bet. It started with this shirt that was too small on my hip and belly area...
But that's okay because I don't mind experimenting and trying to utilize making a cute top out of something that started out too small for me! 
First I flipped the shirt backwards and cut up the middle of what is now the back of the shirt. Got to let out a little breathing room ya know! 
Next I took some sheet material from an old shirt that had a hole in it.. 
An used it to fill in the space I let out of the original shirt. I wanted something flowy and cute! 
So I turned the original shirt inside out and pinned the white material where I wanted it to be sewn. 
Once the material was sewn on, I added a blue bow which is actually the fabric from the original collar and used the lace from the white shirt to add a little detail. 
Finally I decided to gather the material in the front of the shirt to create somewhat of a neckline and used a button from the white shirt as a small embellishment. And here I am...Rocking out Thursday night on the Ridge ( our weekly extended family dinner) and loving my new to me shirt. :)  oh and that's my Dad! Always throwing the camera some big eyes!! 
And excuse my mom jeans.. I ummm.. Forgot to do laundry.. Yeah, that's it!! Haha ;) 
So... Whatcha think?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 4 Mans Shirt to Funky Skirt

Well up until now, I have kept things pretty simple & calm .. But now is where I start showing off my true colors and style! I like weird things.. I like fabrics that really shouldn't go together .. And I like odd things in general. With that being said.. This transformation may seem a little odd to some people, but keep in mind you can do the same basic steps with any type of fabric and design. 

My sister donated this shirt that was her husbands. I loved the colors, but I wasn't feeling a shirt for myself. So what was I to do? Well, I made a skirt of course! 
First I had to cut from the arms & neckline down, but notice the material is horizontal. I am a plus size girl and confident in that fact.. But let's be real.. I don't need any sideways stripes adding definition to my bum. ;) 
So I cut down the middle and placed the fabric together going up and down for a more elongated look. 
Yes, it seemed to be coming together. ( one day I may get my own sewing room.. For now I'm using my daughters nursery)...I then added some lace. I told you I loved lace right and that contrasting materials make me smile. Now to see what the skirt looked like on the mannequin...
I roughly pinned the lace on to get an idea of what it would look like all while keeping in mind that my butt ( no matter how far I extend this mannequin) is still going to be larger than this fitting. Big bootie for the win! See look, no comparison..
After pinning the lace ( which was from an old skirt I had ripped apart before) I started sewing it on and kept the fabric as one long strip to make sewing the lace easier. After, I sewed the edges and hemmed the top to complete the skirt.  
Next I just knew I couldn't let the sleeves go to waste.. But what should I do with them?? Of course, give them to my mini me. My daughter is still very young, so maybe she won't hate looking back on a matching outfit with her mother.. Or maybe she will.. I'll feel nostalgic and amused either way. I took the sleeves and cut the full side from both and sewed them together, this time keeping the horizontal look. ( they had to be a little different.) .. Then I folded the extra lace I had and sewed it to the bottom. 
And finally I used the collar of the original shirt to create a headband. I also used the last little bit of sleeve material to make a bow for the band. In the picture she wouldn't keep the headband on so I put her silver sparkly one on. Anyway, enough of my rambling... Here are the finish products!! 
She really didn't want to cooperate.. (And pants under her skirt because it's cold!!) 
So, what do ya think??? 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 3 Dress Refashion 4 Ways!!

There were so many possibilities with this dress, but since I am not a fan of the material.. I decided I would go out on a limb and try something really new to me. Since I didn't like the fabric, screwing up wouldn't totally upset me. Here's the before: again, fresh shower look-- I actually took this before with last weeks before-- so I'm sorry for the double dose of no make up me!! 
And off to work -- 
First I had to cut around the edge of the material at the edge where the top half was sewn to the bottom half. I actually liked the top half and the bottom.. Just not together as a dress. 
Then I pinned the material to cut off some of the excess fabric. 
And then opted for the side shoulder look..
That's me in my leftover makeup - early morning- sewing glory!! Ahhh--- anyway, ... 
I took some of the leftover fabric from the excess side material to braid a lining piece for the top of my shirt. And here it is! It certainly isn't my best piece, but given that I'm new at this, I am very pleased.. (The braided part is actually flipped up in the picture.. Note To self to double check it next time...and ignore the crazy messy house pics.. Currently renovating and about to paint walls!!) 
As promised, here are the other three alternative looks made from this dress!! 
Using the top half as a short topper.. 
Dividing the shirt topper and using the new shirt as a skirt.. And then using the shirt as a skirt alone without the topper. 
So which is your favorite style?? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 2 Skirt to Shirt

It all started when I could barley squeeze my chunky butt into my grandmother in laws old pastel skirt, but that certainly wasn't going to stop me from wearing it.(please excuse the messy no make up look. My hair was still wet from the shower and my toddler was running crazy as you can see) 
A little tweaking made this skirt a sweet go to for my wardrobe. First I folded down the edge of the top of the skirt because I wanted to keep the elastic in tact and honestly I was too lazy to take it out and redo the entire thing.. So folding and sewing down the extra fabric was my method. 
Just a few pins 
And then onto sewing...
Next was deciding what was going to make this shirt pop. I love vintage and I love a lace look, but what really shouted at me was this piece that I picked up at a yard sale a while back. I had meant to use it on a dress for my daughter, but this shirt called for it: 
There we are.. Sewed on the vintage piece (crooked & I don't even care) and viola : a cute new shirt. Now I will note that I plan to wear this as a shirt and a skirt.. Which is my reasoning for keeping the box shape, but as a shirt I can use a small clip to cinch the sides a bit for a less boxy look.... I personally love the box look with this jacket... So no side clip needed!!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 1 Sweater Remake

It's a new year and new things are happening for me! I am super excited to take on my own project 52 of making at least one DIY refashion item per week. I would like to make more than one a week if possible, but reality with two kids and a husband means my time is spent smooching on my loves... But I can say I do love taking a few minutes of me time to alter my clothes and thrifty finds into something new and creative!! Hope you enjoy my version of refashioning! Week one starts with my husbands sweater that he no longer wears! [excuse the fingerprints and smudges.. Hello two year old]  ... Yes those socks aren't matches, no I do not care!! BEFORE 
First I decided that I really loved the feel of this shirt but I hate pullovers.. So I cut the front to make more of a cardigan feel. 
Then I sewed back the edges and added pockets.. ( it's my first attempt at pockets and I made them a little small.. But I'm learning and I want to keep them small to remember my first official refashion ) 
After the pockets were sewn on, I showed it off to my husband and he was excited that his old shirt still could get some use... And it came in perfect time to stay cozy the next day when taking the kids to the doctor and having lunch with my mom! It's not perfect.. But it's perfectly mine!