Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week Five - Man's Shirt to Women's Top

I wasn't sure when I first saw this if I wanted to make it a shirt or skirt.. But since I have so many skirt refashions planned I decided a top would be my best bet. It started with this shirt that was too small on my hip and belly area...
But that's okay because I don't mind experimenting and trying to utilize making a cute top out of something that started out too small for me! 
First I flipped the shirt backwards and cut up the middle of what is now the back of the shirt. Got to let out a little breathing room ya know! 
Next I took some sheet material from an old shirt that had a hole in it.. 
An used it to fill in the space I let out of the original shirt. I wanted something flowy and cute! 
So I turned the original shirt inside out and pinned the white material where I wanted it to be sewn. 
Once the material was sewn on, I added a blue bow which is actually the fabric from the original collar and used the lace from the white shirt to add a little detail. 
Finally I decided to gather the material in the front of the shirt to create somewhat of a neckline and used a button from the white shirt as a small embellishment. And here I am...Rocking out Thursday night on the Ridge ( our weekly extended family dinner) and loving my new to me shirt. :)  oh and that's my Dad! Always throwing the camera some big eyes!! 
And excuse my mom jeans.. I ummm.. Forgot to do laundry.. Yeah, that's it!! Haha ;) 
So... Whatcha think?

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  1. Hi Mossey!
    I LOVE it!!! Great refashion!
    The bow gives it an extra detail into it!
    Kisses from Portugal