Friday, May 8, 2015

Old fashioned dress to Jacket

Ahh. Well this one is going to be a hit or miss with some people, but I am happy I went with my own style.. It all starts with this dress I got in Virginia. It's very much that old school old lady church dress .. 

First I had to take out those shoulder pads and reversed the dress.. So the back is now the front!! (Yep, messy house as always!)
Next I cut the length and tried it on and decided this fabric just did not need to be  a dress anymore.. At least not for me.. 
So I cut the length again and took the extra fabric to make the edge have a little flair. I pinned and sewed the edges & then cut up the front and sewed edges to make a short sleeve jacket. I'm feeling it as an open jacket.. And don't make fun of my hair.. I'm trying to curl it by twisting! :) 

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