Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MuuMuu to Dress

I had the opportunity to go to Virginia to see my great aunt and uncle & discovered many things. One, that I really want to live there. The weather is perfect and goodness, it's so quiet and simple. Two, my aunt and I are probably the same person in two bodies. It was like a light bulb went off when I saw her. I realize exactly who I take after. No one can claim that genetics don't play a part in personalities. This was the third time I've seen her in my entire life.... and the fact that we think (and dress) so much alike shows that genetics are awesome! Plus my husband kept asking who he was actually married to! & Three, I really wish I could see these two wonderful people more often!

While we were visiting, my aunt mentioned her love for thrift stores and you know me.. it was all peaches and cream from there. We made a day of thrift store shopping and even ventured into a crappy little store where I'm sure death lurked around the corner from the filth.. but we will save my detailed description of that adventure for another post. -- At the local Goodwill, I found two dresses that I just knew I wanted to refashion & starting with the "great white muumuu" as I call it was my first thing to tackle.

(You'll have to excuse the messy house as always & my mismatched socks.. because who has time to mate them up & the fact that my head is missing.. My three year old is still learning his camera techniques!)

Okay so long over sized muumuu in all it's glory got it's arms chopped off.. (which I"m going to attempt to make some pants for my daughter from.. we will see how that one goes.) And then the length was shortened. I'm just not a maxi dress kind of girl.

After the arms and length were chopped, I started hemming and applied lace from some old curtains that I bought at another thrift store in Virginia. I really admired that thrift store. They were Christian based and all proceeds were donated to a home to help homeless people get on their feet. -- I applied the lace to the bottom by pinning first and then sewing.. and I free-sewed the sleeves. Finally, I got to wear my dress out to girls night with two of my sisters and my best friend! And you can read more about that night & see more of the final look of my dress here! And check out more of my Virginia Vacation in the pictures below! 
The Gold buttons were gifted to me from my great aunt. I'm using them as charms for necklaces and bracelets! 

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